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Root Industries "Futuro33" Royce King Wheels


Product Description

Root Industries Royce King Signature Wheels


The new Root Industries Futuro33 signature wheels by Royce King are probably the best scooter wheel ever manufactured.

Utilising the latest pu technologies, Root Industries has developed a scooter wheel unmatched in style and performance. Super grippy wheels that are faster than any other wheel on the market...that's a combination you can't resist.

Here's what Root Industries says about these wheels:

"Over a period of nine months, our team of pro riders painstakingly tried and tested over 30 different core designs and pu formulas. Some prototypes were good, others were great, but none were perfect. We persevered, tweaking with design and pu formulas until eventually, on our 33rd attempt, we got the result we were looking for...the perfect scooter wheel. As each rider proclaimed the wheel to be the best they'd ever ridden, we looked to Royce King to give us the final seal of approval. When Royce confirmed "It's simply a perfect scooter wheel" we knew the Futuro was the real deal"

Royce King has long been one of Australia's most exciting and daring riders for the last few years. He rides harder than most pro riders. If Royce trusts these wheels, you can be sure you can trust them too.

Low Profile or Standard Profile:

Both profile of wheel are amazing to ride in any situation, and 90% of riders will not notice a difference between low profile or standard profile wheels. However, Root Industries have developed two slightly different pu shapes to specifically work for pro riders who demand perfection in every riding environment they ride in.

The Low Profile wheels are slightly better suited to indoor park riding, as they give more grip on timber and smooth concrete. The standard profile wheel is best for outdoor riding and street riding, as they are slightly faster to compensate for the rougher surfaces. 

Whichever you choose, we promise you will love riding these wheels. 


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